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Stealth Products announces the launch of the i-Drive Loonz video game. Available on the Apple® iTunes® App Store®. Designed in association with Trident Research to work with the i-Drive 4.0, the i-Drive Loonz game provides fun for the child playing while allowing a driving assessment tool for the therapist or parent.

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Gabriel Romero, Stealth's Vice President of sales and marketing, and a gamer, said, "I was amazed there were so many cool games that weren't accessible. I started thinking it would be great to have a game that families and clinicians could utilize for training purposes, for assessing." The i‑Drive Loonz video game bridges the gap between able-bodied users and wheelchair or stroller users. The ability to use the i‑Drive 4.0 with a battery pack will allow driving assessment and game play on a manual mobility base. For more information please visit our official website or contact your local Stealth Proucts representative.

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Stealth Products LLC, a division of Quantum Rehab®, is a global leader in complex rehab technology components and accessories, serving 22 countries. Stealth, located in Burnet, Texas, manufactures specialty drive controls, head and body positioning components, specialty mounting hardware and pediatric mobility solutions. Stealth’s mission is to assist those with disabilities to live the most independent lives possible through complex rehab technology..

iDrive Configuration Software Download for iOS, Android and Windows.
iDrive Configuration Software Download for iOS, Android and Windows.

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